Glenn Watson

Hi! By day, I'm a .NET and open source enthusiast and a Development Technologies MVP. I am the main maintainer of the ReactiveUI framework.

Diversity friendly workplaces and events

Let me tell you a story early in my career. I was a junior programmer at a large Australian accounting software company. They were announcing that day that the company needed to downsize some of the developer teams. A number of team members gathered near my desk to discuss how "one of them" was let go from the company. Turns out the employee they were discussing was gay and they were discussing how much more comfortable they were without that employee at the company.


Using RFC3161 signing with Sms

I recently decided to make my own signing application for git. As part of this I wanted to perform RFC 3161 signing against my signature.


Using a code signing certificate with Github And Yubikey

So I was using GPG key to generate perform commit signing verification with GitHub based on the work from Geoffrey Huntley. He has a excellent post on using GPG.